This I Believe – Update #3

On Dec. 1, four of my classmates including myself gave a presentation in Compass Speaks. We gave a 10-15 minute speech in front of a large crowd. As I said in my presentation, “I am not a public speaker.” It was not only nerve wracking but a refreshing experience, as I had never done such a long presentation in front of a lot of people. Nevertheless, I rehearsed it a lot and revised my speech numerous times to make it perfect. Dr. Borrmann, Ms. Karam, and my peers helped me through this process, and I learned more how to express myself and have better public speaking skills (how to look confident, how to relieve throat, etc.) Then, I gave my speech. It went fast. I was nervous at the beginning, but I started to feel more and more confident as time passed by. Even though it was a bit shorter than what it was supposed to be, I still think it was a well-delivered speech and motivated me to work harder to achieve my final goal of publishing my photo book, This I Believe.

During the break, I also made a lot of progress. First of all, before the break, my camera was not functioning very well, and it was not taking nice portraits. So I chose Canon EOS Digital SLR, which is the camera for portraits. Plus, I finally met up with my uncle in person to talk in depth about my project. During the meeting, he gave me numerous suggestions about the project in general, photo shooting, photo book design and interviewing. Now, I am planning to have just interviews, no photo shoots, as there is not much sunlight outside (except for photo shoots in the studio). Then, around late February into early March, I would resume taking photos outside to have better pictures of the WRA campus.

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