Swing – Update #2

Over the past few months, I have finalized my design using AutoCad on computer.

During the winter break, while I had easier access to the wood shops and hardware shops, I started working on the prototype.

The purpose for this prototype was to simply check the mechanics, so I only made one swing and didn’t include any visual elements.

From the stores, I got some wood materials and a metal rod to build a structure. After the process of sawing, drilling, and gluing, I was able to make the structure of the swing.

After I built the structure, I worked on the generator part, using acrylic boards, rollers, motor generator, etc.

During the making process, unexpected issues arose, and I had to visit the stores to search for better materials.

For example, I had to deal with the issues regarding friction. In some cases, I had to reduce the friction, so I used metal slips. In some other cases, I had to increase the friction. In this case, I used the rubber materials.

After two weeks of trial and error, I made it work so that the energy is generated as the swing oscillates and lights up a LED light.

My next plan is to think about the design elements that will make the swing look nice so that it fits visually into our school’s campus. Then I will start working on my final prototype.

– Katy Koo

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