Longboard – Update #2

Since the last time I have written for the blog, I have made few huge steps forward in my project – I gave a speech about my project and I built my second longboard. The speech that I gave was part of a series with the other Compass students (they all gave a speech on their projects as well). We talked to a crowd made up of teachers and students at Reserve explaining our projects, why we chose it, where it is now, and where we hope it will go. If you want to watch any of our speeches you can view them here.

Now let me tell you about the second board that I made. This board was a huge improvement from the first board – it was glued, cut and looks better overall. I chose to make the board a different shape this time to make it easier to attach the trucks. Unfortunately, this was somewhat ironic because the only mistake I made with this board was drilling the screw holes for the trucks incorrectly, thereby making it very difficult to attach the trucks. Other than that though, the board is miles ahead of the other board. Because it turned out so well, I decided to laser engrave and finish it, creating the nice shine on the board you can see on the picture. Finally, I also put griptape on this board, symbolizing that I had completed my first longboard (the first one I hadn’t completed fully)!

So now that I seem to have figured out how to properly do the longboards, I will be trying to make more of them more quickly.

– Ghassan Hamzeh

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