Diversity – Update #3

For the past few months I've been making ottogis. I made and baked them out of polymer clay. There were many extra steps to be taken to complete my ottogis. I had to wait for origami bags to arrive to keep the ottogis presentable.

The process it takes to make each one was painstaking. It took me approximately three hours just to complete seven of them.

I also made a Compass presentation on my project, and it was nerve wracking, although not that many people came. It was a great opportunity to finally present my ideas and work.

I am still in the process of getting feedback on my story. I am planning on changing my story so that I won't have to abandon any of my original storyline. Questions will be able to be included after certain chapters of the book. I completed the cover page. I am planning on finishing the book in the next three months and selling them with my ottogi figures at the compass expo.

I am curious where my project will lead. After more discussions with Dr. Borrmann and other faculty members, my book will become more refined.

– Jianne Kang
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