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Our Compass course lets students connect with the world beyond the WRA classroom by cultivating their unique interests and talents and applying them to a real-world setting. Over the course of the academic year, enrolled students develop skills in the areas of project design, collaboration, scheduling and implementation, budgeting, proposal development, making a pitch, leadership and resilience, process reflection, professionalism, marketing, research, interviewing, presentation and so much more.

This is what school will be like in the future. I am passionate about teaching how to learn, and every day I get to work with a group of incredible interested students on different project with different goals.

- Dr. Ralf Borrmann, Compass Coordinator, WRA Faculty

Watch to learn about Paul's '17 Compass project
Watch to learn about Shuni's '16 Compass project

Recent Compass projects included:

  • Creating an art exhibit to demonstrate how art and poetry celebrate diversity
  • Developing a virtual business incubator
  • Creating a 20-minute film
  • Animating a short film
  • Building a soothing room for students with autism spectrum disorder
  • Painting a mural in a local toy store
  • Developing a wireless charger
  • Creating a booklet for international students
  • Organizing a nonprofit organization and bringing awareness to human trafficking
  • Choreographing and staging a full ballet performance

For more information about Compass, contact Compass Coordinator Dr. Ralf Borrmann.

Find out what the current Compass class is doing on their blog:

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