Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a student must earn the equivalent of at least 21 credits, carrying a minimum load of six credits in the freshman year, five credits in the sophomore year, and four-and-a-half credits in the junior and senior years; moreover, students will earn a half credit for each year of satisfactory completion of the physical education requirement.

The following department requirements must be met for graduation (the numbers following indicate the minimum number of credits required per department):


English: four-year sequence. (4)


One credit earned in Math 41, Math 42 or Math 43 and 3 years of math at WRA. (3)

Foreign Language

Three years of one language at WRA. (3)

  • Adaptations to the three year language requirement at WRA are provided for students who transfer to WRA after their sophomore year.
  • No WRA student will be granted more than one year of credit from his or her prior study of a middle school language.
  • All graduates of WRA must pass at least one language course taken at WRA.
  • Postgraduate students are exempt from the above requirements.


Three full credits in science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics required. (3)


Three full credits in history: Ancient World History, Modern World History and U.S. History. (3)


Two courses selected from two different art disciplines or three courses in any one discipline. All students are required to take one course in the ninth grade. (1)


All students must earn a half-credit in health. All freshmen are required to take and successfully pass the freshman Health Seminar course. (½)

Physical Education

All students will earn a half-credit in physical education by athletic participation or conditioning at WRA for each academic year.


Students must successfully complete two ECHO modules for each year of enrollment at WRA. New students enrolled for a partial year are required to pass one ECHO module for that year.

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