Modern & Classical Languages

Challenging and interactive courses that help students appreciate their role in our global society

Course offerings include multiple levels of French, Spanish, Latin and Mandarin Chinese. For modern languages, the primary focus is on instruction in the target language; Latin classes emphasize early introduction and consistent use of authentic Latin literature. The pace of study allows our students quickly to acquire listening, speaking, and reading skills, while also engaging students in topics of cultural interest.

Foreign language study promotes mental discipline, enhances the understanding of the structure and inner workings of language in general, expands the vocabulary of the student’s native language and enriches the student’s appreciation of other cultures.

"WRA offers both modern and classical languages. all of our modern languages are taught in full immersion from day one as we build students' language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. outside of the classroom our language department is very active in sponsoring school-wide events and working closely with language clubs. beyond the school year, we offer amazing study abroad opportunities traveling to a variety of countries."

- Julianne Lopez, Modern & Classical Languages Department Chair

Spotlight Course


This course will teach the basic fundamentals of Latin. Vocabulary, forms and syntax will be stressed to promote accurate reading comprehension and translation.

Graduation Requirements

Two credits, two courses at WRA, including Level III
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The Path

Succession of course offerings:

FRENCH: I, II, III, III Honors, Topics French Language and Culture I/II*, CL French Language and Culture

MANDARIN: I, II, III, Topics Chinese Language and Culture I/II*, CL Mandarin Chinese

SPANISH: I, II, II Honors, III, III Honors, Topics Spanish Language and Culture I/II*, CL Spanish: Spain, CL** Spanish: Latin America**

LATIN: I, II, III, Topics in Latin Literature I/II*, CL in Latin Literature

GREEK: Introduction to Ancient Greek*, Ancient Greek

* Topics is offered as a semester (I) or year long course (I & II). Intro to Ancient Greek is a semester course.
** Offered in alternating years, allowing advanced students to take two CL courses in Spanish.

Around Campus: Coordination/Advising of French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish Clubs on campus. Celebrations, including but not limited to: Mid-Autumn Festival, Day of the Dead, Culture Night, Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras French Week, Latin All Night Read, and Classics Day

Study Abroad: There are school sponsored study abroad opportunities which are highly selective academic-based programs designed to further develop students’ language skills and deepen their appreciation of other cultures. They all have similar eligibility and run simultaneously from the end of May through the month of June.
They are: ELISA, China Study, Jump the World, and Schule Schloss Salem.

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