The math here is unequaled

The extensive WRA math curriculum encourages creative exploration and curiosity as well as:

  • Thinking, reasoning & perceiving mathematical relationships in a meaningful way
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Asking good questions, exploring ideas & noticing connections

2023-2024 Math Courses

Dark Green = Core Classes

Light Green = Math Electives

Spotlight Course

Intermediate Algebraic & Geometric Reasoning

This course allows students to expand their view of algebra while adding depth to connections with geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. Topics include composite and inverse functions, quadratic and radical functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, basic trigonometry, areas of polygons, and volumes of solids. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the behavior and graphs of the various “toolkit” functions. Extensive use of the graphing calculator is expected.

Graduation Requirements

Four years of mathematics including one credit at Algebra 2/Level 30 or higher.

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