Western Reserve Academy mathematics is unequaled

The Mathematics Department curriculum at Western Reserve Academy encourages creative exploration and curiosity while providing students with the opportunity to understand big ideas and acquire important knowledge and skills necessary for the development of critical thinking. Our mathematics curriculum is broad and diverse, includes a robust Computer Science sequence, and is designed to provide a balance of both foundational and practical skills. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore ideas, and make connections across disciplines.

The Path

core courses

Upon acceptance at WRA, students are placed in the math class that best meets their mathematical skill knowledge. Our core courses include:

Algebra 1
Algebra 2 (Regular and Honors)
Precalculus (Regular, Honors, Accelerated Honors)
Calculus (Regular, AB and BC)

elective courses

Introduction to Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, CL Statistics, CL Calculus-Based Probability & Statistics, CL Differential Equations, CL Linear Algebra CL Multivariable Calculus, Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Programming: Python, CL Computer Science, Advanced Math Teaching Practicum

fun fact

Our Advanced Math Teaching Practicum course provides an introduction to all aspects of mathematics instruction. The course allows the student to develop a unique teaching style with the support of a master teacher and culminates with the student teaching an entire week of the course.

Spotlight Course

discrete mathematics

The Discrete Mathematics course provides a foundation in non calculus-based mathematics focused on finite-natured topics such as sets, matrices, optimization and probability. Applied topics include voting theory, fair division, apportionment, and cryptography. Students will organize and analyze information in order to analytically and critically think about outcomes.

Graduation Requirements

Four years of mathematics including one credit at Algebra 2/Level 30 or higher.

View our complete course offerings list and the Academic Course Descriptions 2024-25.

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