An opportunity for students to develop critical skills necessary for today's world.

Literacies are an exciting student-centered, experiential learning program that seeks to develop proficiency with the tools of technology, give opportunities to pose and solve problems collaboratively, design and share information for a variety of purposes, and analyze and synthesize multiple streams of information.

Literacies also give students an opportunity to learn important non-cognitive skills through planned curriculum, such as perseverance, resilience, self-advocacy and the ability to work with others. All of these skills will be used at WRA, in college and beyond.

This new program began in the 2017–18 school year with the Class of 2021 taking Digital Literacy courses. The 2018-19 school year will introduce two new courses for sophomores: Learning to Communicate and Learning to Live Well.

Freshman Digital Literacy Courses 2018-19

Learning to Code: While exploring the digital world, students learn how data is digitally encoded and transmitted. They deepen their understanding of the internet and the underlying structure of digital devices. Students consider the power of current technology and the possibilities for the future. Together, we discuss the societal impact and challenges of our digital technologies.

Learning to Make: This course is a hands-on introduction to personal fabrication and innovation in The Wang Innovation Center. The course specifically looks at design thinking, computer-aided design, computer controlled cutting, electronics production, 3D scanning and printing, electronics design, machining, molding and casting, input devices, output devices, composites, mechanical design, invention and intellectual property.

Sophomore Literacies 2018–19

Learning to Communicate: This course will focus on skills like public speaking, interviewing, class discussion, evidence-based debate, presenting for a variety of audiences, active listening, email etiquette, cover letter writing, resume writing, podcasting and short film making.

Learning to Live Well: This course is a health and wellness course, and it teaches students about healthy decision making and care for the self and others.