Our primary objective is to help students cultivate an understanding of their place within the breadth of human experience.

As students learn to interpret historical themes and events, students develop a keen appreciation of the trends of the past and a greater insight into the vital issues of the 21st century. Small class sizes and a collaborative learning approach engender engaged and sometimes heated classroom discussions.

History courses are designed to provide students with extensive knowledge of the subject matter, and the analytical tools needed to make sense of that knowledge. We encourage students’ understanding of the past by addressing where and when history unfolded and by examining the all-important “why” questions in historical evolution.

2019–20 History Department Courses

  • Introductory History Seminar: Exploring Global Foundations
  • Intermediate History Seminar: Building the Modern World
  • United States History
  • CL United States History
  • Introduction to Arabic and Arab Cultures
  • Middle East Studies
  • Art History: Raphael to Renoir
  • Art History: Paint, Build, Shoot!
  • CL Art History
  • CL Economics
  • International Relations
  • CL US Government & Politics
  • Vietnam: Humbling a Superpower
  • The American Presidency
  • CL Philosophy

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