The goal of the Health Seminar is to nurture students toward an intentional, healthful, and ethical lifestyle. It is presented to the sophomore class as part of the Saturday Academy Class Seminar program. Through an array of expert speakers and meaningful workshops, students will explore topics that include nutrition, harassment, using social media, positive body image, drug abuse and addiction, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. Those who do not complete the Health Seminar, typically those students who enter WRA after tenth grade without a health credit, must meet the requirement in another way. A more traditional health course format is offered within the Monday to Friday academic program (see below). In addition, students may, with prior approval and at their own expense, choose to complete an online course or a course offered at another Ohio high school.

Health Seminar: (half credit) Health is a graduation requirement for all students. Students who successfully complete the Sophomore Health Seminar, receiving a grade of PASS, will earn the required credit. All work must be completed, even in the case of an absence, for sophomores to earn the health credit.

Health: (half credit) Health covers all of the concepts taught during the Sophomore Health Seminar, only in a more traditional classroom setting. This is a discussion-based course, with class preparation coming from readings, worksheets, journal writing and simple research.