Fine & Performing Arts

Acknowledging the vital importance of providing opportunities to develop creativity

The Fine & Performing Arts Department offers a variety of exciting course options within a discipline-based program. We offer students the opportunity for either initial exploration or in-depth study. The focus of our curriculum is on creative processes and active student engagement, as well as performance, maintaining a very active performance and show calendar. Students are treated as artists, asked to confront the same challenges and questions that all practicing artists meet, and under the guidance of a faculty mentor/teacher to explore those challenges and questions.

Spotlight Course

Digital music production

This course will introduce students to the realm of music production and the necessary skills needed in this digital age. The focus of this course will be honing students’ ability to listen and analyze professional productions, ranging from Michael Jackson to Dua Lipa to Avicii. Topics covered will include stereo processing, analog and digital processing, compression, limiting, filtering, panning, reverb, and EQ. Mixing and creating a final mastered product will provide students the ability to actualize the different components in producing commercial level music. All D.A.W.’s (Digital Audio Workstations) will be explored with the main use of Apple’s Logic Pro. Both live streams, D.A.W.’s, and production courses will be made available to the students.

The Path

Students may pursue fine arts, dance, vocal or instrumental music, and theater.

Art 1; Art 2; Advanced Art; 3D Art; Ceramics 1; Ceramics 2; Advanced Ceramics; Environmental Art; Photography 1; Photography 2; Advanced Photography; Studio Art Concentration; Dance 1; Dance 2; Advanced Dance; Choir; String Orchestra; Symphonic Winds; CL Music Theory; Studio Music; Jazz Ensemble; Digital Music Production; Advanced Digital Music Production; Musical Theater Performance; Advanced Musical Theater Performance; Acting 1; Acting 2; Costume Design; Stagecraft 1; Stagecraft 2; Speech

Around Campus:
Showcase art in the Moos Gallery, across campus; Portfolio work with individuals pursuing art; Afternoon Art offered for students pursuing art or show great interest; Seasonal Music Concerts; Afternoon Music, Private Lessons; NATS Student Recitals; OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest; Musical Theater Production; Two Plays—Typically one drama and one comedy; Two Dance Performances; Afternoon Dance; Student Choreography options.

Graduation Requirements

2 credits from any Fine and Performing Arts courses
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