English classes at WRA draw students into exciting conversations with themselves and their classmates.

Through individual and collaborative learning, students ask some of the most fundamental questions of what it means to be human in a world that is filled with exciting and challenging complexity. We read texts that are both canonical and contemporary from a broad range of traditions, encouraging our students to learn the art of civil discourse. We hope to inspire curiosity in our students and invite them to think critically, imaginatively and compassionately in both speaking and writing.

The first three years of English embrace common writing goals and a set of core texts, supplemented by readings chosen by instructors in individual sections. In the fourth year, students select semester-long courses that explore special topics. In the 2017–18 year, the school will embrace a fully independent curriculum that prepares our students for a complex, interconnected and rapidly changing world.

2017–18 English Department Courses

  • The Journey
  • The Fall
  • The American Experience
  • Topical Studies in English
  • Creative Writing I (half credit)
  • Creative Writing II (half credit)
  • CL Seminars in Literature, Composition and Rhetoric

View our complete course offerings list and the Academic Course Descriptions 2017–18.

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