English courses at WRA draw students into the realms of literature, language, ethical discourse and composition

Classes promote both independent and collaborative effort. Objectives include careful, thoughtful reading, ongoing vocabulary development, engaged class discussion, the application of grammar and style, and the writing and revision process. As such, teachers provide regular formative feedback on student writing and argumentation. Through the English curriculum students develop their capacity to think critically, imaginatively, and compassionately, and to express that thinking cogently, compellingly, and powerfully — in both speaking and writing.

The Path

Freshmen: Foundations of Text introduces students to the study of composition and literature at WRA. Students learn to identify and examine the details within a story and to grasp and recognize the details needed in writing.

Sophomores: Explorations in Analysis dives deeper into the study of composition and literature. Students learn to identify the types of connections that exist within a text, and how a text connects with the larger world and its readers.

Juniors, new seniors, & PGs: Angles in Writing explores and examines perspective and bias in literature. Students learn to recognize the various conversations that a text engages in, and the types of scholarly conversations that exist regarding the text.

Spotlight Course

Graphic Novel

Read both contemporary and classic graphic novels while we explore the history of the form, its cultural significance, and the creative techniques graphic novel writers use to captivate audiences. In addition, you’ll create your own and get feedback from peers in the form of roundtable workshops. As a class, we’ll learn about the evolution of this genre and how it’s been used to confront and examine various aspects of the human experience: politics, sexuality, class, censorship, violence, diversity, and more. You can expect daily reading quizzes, several analytical essays, along with many opportunities for creative writing and graphic storytelling.


Studies in English (Studies) and College Level Studies in English (CL Studies) Offerings—listed below are two separate elective systems offered to returning seniors and qualified post-graduate students for fulfillment of the English graduation requirement. All courses, regardless of the specific level, explore topics and subjects that matter. We want our students to continue to build on their relationship with reading and writing by pursuing things that matter to them.

Studies in Literature Electives:
Boarding School Literature, Contemporary Native American Voices, Creative Writing: Short Fiction & Playwriting, Detective Fiction: A Hard-Boiled Study of Sleuthing and Storytelling, Film Studies: A Baker’s Dozen, Identity Crisis: When Cultures Clash, Literature of the Road: Journey of Discovery, Nature Writing & Environmental Issues, Revision & Remix: How Adaptations Tell Their Story, Social Justice in Literature, Storytelling & Sports, Young Adult (YA) Fiction, Writing for Publication

College Level Studies in Literature:
American Literature & the Free Market Economy, Deep Dive: Author Study, Deep Dive: Text Study, Divided by Class, Power of Language, Shakespeare: Comedies, Shakespeare: Tragedies, Writing Memory

Writing Beyond Research:
BUFO, WRA’s Fiction & Literary Magazine; Scholastic Art & Writing Awards; Rotary 4 Way Speech Competition; Gannon Writing Awards; Marilyn Bianchi Playwriting festival; Maltz History Museum, Stop the Hate Essay Contest; Ohio Poetry Association Contest; JustWrite

Graduation Requirements

4-year sequence and successful completion of the Junior Writing Exam.
View our complete course offerings list and read descriptions of each English class beginning on page 6 of the Academic Course Descriptions 2023-24.

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