Courses include diverse opportunities to explore, write and analyze, from...

Detective Fiction: A Hard-Boiled Study of Sleuthing and Storytelling to Is There Life on Mars? Speculative Fiction as Social Critique. Shakespeare, rhetoric, African American identity, postcolonial literature and film, queer theory, ethics and classism are just several of a multitude of themes and explorations that are offered under this most creative curricular construct.

2020-21 English Department Courses

  • Foundations of Text
  • Explorations of Analysis
  • Angles in Writing
  • Studies in English:Detective Fiction
  • Studies in English: Human Struggles
  • Studies in English: Graphic Novels
  • Studies in English: A Few of My Favorite Things
  • Studies in English: Shakespeare, Page and Stage
  • Studies in English: American Nature Writing & Environmental Issues
  • Studies in English: Identity Crisis: When Cultures Clash
  • Studies in English: Film Studies: A Baker’s Dozen
  • Studies in English: Creative Writing: Fiction & Playwriting (half credit)
  • Studies in English: African American Nonfiction
  • Studies in English: African American Fiction
  • Studies in English/Original Voices
  • Studies in English/Young Authors
  • Studies in English/Speculative Fiction
  • Studies in English/Epistolary Writing
  • CL English: Graphic Novels
  • CL English: Author Study: An In-depth Look
  • CL English: Shakespearean Lenses
  • CL English: Women and Fiction
  • CL English: Matters of Memory
  • CL English: Author Study
  • CL English: Power of Language

View our complete course offerings list and read descriptions of each English class beginning on page 6 of the Academic Course Descriptions 2020-21.

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