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Listen to Mrs. Buck as she shares her insights on COVID-19 with Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl on the Enrollment Management Association podcast The Enrollment Spectrum.

Reserve Your Meal

In partnership with Chef Eddie Mundy and the FLIK team, we launched a new meal donation service called "Reserve Your Meal."

Service Initiative

Led by Wanda Boesch, our Science Faculty on Thursday donated gloves and masks to local emergency rooms at the Cleveland Clinic downtown and in Twinsburg, and to Summit County EMA, including the Hudson Police Department. The donation was 75 boxes of unused gloves and three full boxes of masks.

Leading in Technology

RingCentral, our videoconferencing and calling partner, coordinated a call for the company's leadership with Chief Innovation Officer Matt Gerber to learn about our optimization of their platform during a time of crisis.

Head of School Suzanne Walker Buck has a long history with boarding schools. She is a graduate of both the Fay School and Miss Porter's School. She says she knew as early as the fifth grade that the world of boarding schools held a spell of magic and could always foresee returning to work in such an extraordinary environment.

After graduating from Connecticut College, Mrs. Buck joined Westminster School as an Admission Counselor, Dorm Parent, and Coach of Field Hockey and Lacrosse. From Westminster she attended graduate school earning a degree in clinical social work from Columbia University and a degree in education from Harvard University. She has since held posts at Fay School, New Hampton School, and most recently as the Rector (Head of School) at Chatham Hall in Chatham, Virginia, where in four years she increased enrollment by 36 percent; added significant tuition revenue; increased annual giving by 14 percent and developed a bold strategic plan.

Additionally, Mrs. Buck serves on the Boards of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) and the Enrollment Management Association (EMA). She is married to Johnny Buck, art teacher, coach and advisor. They have a daughter, Halsey (12), and two children from Johnny's first marriage, Oliver (19) and Nina (21).

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