Social Mission

Through volunteerism and increased awareness about the world, communities and individuals, students make a difference both locally and globally while at WRA.

Service Travel

Our outreach trips provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful service in the context of cultural immersion. Students gain a global perspective as they witness the challenges facing the communities they serve.

While encountering another culture, students grapple with global complexities and their local implications: economic realities, social inequality and far-reaching ecological consequences.

Service travel opportunities include:

Pine Ridge Reservation

The trip to Pine Ridge Reservation is a life-changing experience. WRA partners with RE-MEMBER, a non-profit organization that operates on the Reservation, to provide a service-learning experience that gives students the chance to work with the Lakota community and immerse themselves in the Lakota culture.

Students engage in service work to improve the quality of life for those who live on the Pine Ridge Reservation and learn about the culture of the Oglala Lakota people through service projects, visiting important cultural sites and speaking with members of the community.

Dominican Republic

Students have the opportunity to travel into the central highlands of the Dominican Republic to explore the area’s rich biodiversity while learning how reforestation and ecotourism efforts have significantly helped replenish the land. Students are immersed in the local culture and work together with non-profits and community members to build sustainable solutions to the conservation, economic and social challenges they face.

Community Service

Students are actively engaged in on-going volunteer roles, from Akron to Cleveland, and work with local organizations throughout the year.

Students often report that their favorite days of the year are the annual Go Make a Difference Days, in which the entire student body spends the whole day engaging in community service projects throughout local towns. WRA is committed to broadening the minds of our students to help strengthen the moral leaders of the future.

Organizations with whom we have partnered include:
  • Akron and Cleveland Food banks
  • Case Barlow Farm
  • Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Headstart
  • Hudson Library
  • Kent Social Service
  • MedWish
  • Open M
  • Salvation Army

The student-run REACH group helps oversee and manage monthly on-campus community service events. Such events include our annual Toys for Tots event, which encourages community participation and awareness through a class-based candy cane drive as well as our yearly food drive. In the fall of 2016, we collected 17 grocery carts work of food to donate to the Hudson food pantry.

Environmental Sustainability

Students actively pursue new opportunities to save energy, reduce waste and engage the school community to assist in their efforts.

Students taking Environmental Science explore sustainability, continuously applying their knowledge outside of the classroom. The WRA campus and surrounding areas provide exceptional outdoor learning laboratories. The course allows students to learn about the environment through firsthand experience.

Earth Initiative is a student organization. Members set up recycling facilities in every building on campus to encourage everyone to recycle their paper, plastic and glass.

Other efforts include:
  • Tapping into thermal energy stored in the earth through our plans to construct geothermal, creating clean and sustainable energy on campus
  • Providing sustainable mugs to students upon arrive to students in order to reduce cup waste as well as making water fueling stations accessible around campus
  • Involvement with Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3) through our membership with Green Schools Alliance, helping to foster school sustainability
  • Weekend programs and trips to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to learn about the environment and the benefits of the local watershed
  • Sourcing "farm-to-table" dining options through WRA Dining Services, not only giving our students and faculty healthy options but also benefiting our local vendors and farmers

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