"WRA: Not Your Typical Boarding School" - A Series

"Imagine a school where four grades race through campus and our amazing town of Hudson... and where the freshmen smoke the competition!"

"Imagine how far students are willing to push themselves (all the way up a slippery waterslide!) just to get a taste of delicious cuisine from our Lux Truck!"

"Imagine a school where your teachers are always there for you... except when they're hiding on rooftops or in trees!"

These are just a few excerpts from our "Not Your Typical Boarding School" video series, where we took an unexpected approach to showcasing all the amazing aspects of Western Reserve Academy. Sure, we could tell you all about the close relationships and lifelong friendships that begin here -- OR we could show you how dorm roommates know each other so well that they can identify them based on whisper alone! Filmed over a few fast-paced and fun-filled days, this series is a highlight reel of all the things that make Reserve a second home to hundreds (thousands, if we include our alumni!) If you haven't watched the series yet, then it's time for a mini-movie marathon. Enjoy!


No one sings the praises of Western Reserve Academy better than our own community, starring our students. We invite you to watch "Your Second Home" and "Reserve Moments."

The WRAp is WRA's student-led late-night talk show where you are introduced to some of the people and places that make Reserve, Reserve. Stay tuned throughout the coming weeks for more episodes of The WRAp.

Pet Project

WRA shows happiness has legs, even during crisis. View "High School Pet Project" to see what many of Reserve's pet friends thought of quarantine.