Student Publications

Western Reserve Academy students are encouraged to be active in projects and groups outside of the classroom. Explore the work of our talented young journalists, writers, artists and editors below.

The Reserve Record

Reserve Record Jan. 2016 | VOL. CII : NO. 5The Reserve Record is the school's student newspaper. Primarily an educational resource for its staff of 60 student journalists, graphic artists and photographers, the paper informs, educates and entertains the school community while providing a forum for student and community expression. Published six times a year, copies are distributed to students and faculty, available around campus, and mailed to parents, the previous year's graduating class and Trustees.

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BUFO is a student-run publication that critiques, selects and publishes student poetry, art and fiction to encourage an awareness of the arts. Submissions are written by Western Reserve Academy students for the WRA community.

Read the 2022 edition of BUFO.

Read Boo!-Fo, a special 2021 Halloween edition.


Viewpoints is a student-run scholarly journal that publishes works of non-fiction, from speeches to essays to commentary, written by and for Western Reserve Academy students, faculty and staff.

Read the 2023 Volume XIX edition of Viewpoints.

Read the 2022 Volume XVIII edition of Viewpoints.

Read the 2021 Volume XVII edition of Viewpoints.


Crafted by Cavin Xue '24, BioBlab is a blog that shines a spotlight on high school scientific research. It is also a product of CL Compass, a class within our Engineering & Applied Sciences Department where students can harness their passions and apply them in the real world setting by pitching, designing and implementing a project over the course of the academic year. Cavin, whose own daily ritual includes refreshing his morning feed to review new science news, saw an opportunity to build a hub of high school science research for his fellow science enthusiasts, as well as highlight the work being done in WRA's own science labs.

As your browse BioBlab, you'll find that Cavin has collected a series of vetted resources, including animated videos, high school scientific journals and a curated list of his favored science news sites. He has also taken on the task of documenting news and findings from this year's Cancer Immunology and Synthetic Biology students. One such article highlights the work done by Carmen Reed '24, Mira Zamarro '24 and Cavin, who are investigating the efficacy targeting the TCL1A protein as a potential method for developing a T-cell lymphoma vaccine.

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