WRA team takes second place in bridge building competition

WRA team takes second place in bridge building competition

There were more than 19 Summit County high schools represented at the 17th annual Miniature Bridge Building Competition on Friday, Feb. 24, at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Tallmadge. Out of the 90 students students vying for top prizes, three WRA students took home second and all six scored in the top half.

Team 1 — Matthew Bloom '19, Peter Campanelli '18 and Matthew Groll '18 — constructed a bridge that held more than 97 pounds, which earned them their second-place distinction. Each competitor took home a $70 prize for their efforts.

New competitors Tyler Lotz '20, Steven Yang '19 and Andrew Song '19 entered as Team 2, and finished 12th place for a bridge that held 47 pounds.

This contest was designed to test high school students' ability to apply the scientific and mathematical principles they've learned in the classroom to engineer the best bridge they can create within three hours, using a handful of tools, glue and balsa wood.

The students were led by Science Department faculty member Jon Butensky-Bartlett, who has advised students in the competition for three years.

"I was really proud of the students who participated as each team more than doubled the amount of weight their bridge held from the previous year's competition," he said. "They have been coming in on their own time after school most Tuesdays and Thursdays, coming up with a bridge design and then constructing their bridges. We even received help from Peter Campanelli's grandfather, Tony Campanelli, in developing a design for the bridge as he is a retired engineer. It's a great group of students, and I enjoy working with them each year."

Congratulations to all competitors on their success!

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