WRA Student Voices in the National Media

WRA Student Voices in the National Media

Congratulations are in order for Judy Yin '19 (but please call her by preferred name, Arden), Chloe Tomblin '19 and Grace Foskett '20 who were all featured in the national media recently for their outstanding work and strong voices.

In April, as part of National Poetry Month, The New York Times challenged teenagers to create blackout poetry from the pages of the printed newspaper. More than 2,500 submissions were sent to the contest and only 25 winners were chosen. We're proud to announce that Arden was selected as a winner for her poem "Reality Television." The poem was published recently in The Times.

Also this year, Integrated Studies & Design Department (ISD) Chair Douglas Ray asked students to submit letters to The New York Times after editors requested opinion letters from students. Grace's letter about "honor walks" was among those chosen for publication. Read her essay here.

In November 2018, PBS Newshour published Chloe's written response to the Kavanaugh hearing and the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Chloe's essay can be found here.

Congratulations, we're #PioneerProud of these exceptional accomplishments!