WRA Launches "StoryBoard" Podcast Series

WRA Launches "StoryBoard" Podcast Series

WRA communicates often about everything that makes it tick, but the inner-workings of boarding school, and particularly WRA, are arguably best expressed in the candid and unedited words of the community, from students to teachers to alumni.

In this spirit, Reserve is proud to announce its StoryBoard podcast series, offering an insider's view of everything from the College Level classroom, to the joys and challenges of living where you learn, to the real stories of alumni who have launched their lives from here.

The first group of Podcasts, hosted by English Department faculty member Douglas Ray, features the perspectives of WRA seniors on the cusp of graduation. Now just days away from their first moments as college freshmen, these former students reflect on why they became Pioneers in the first place, what it all meant to them, where they are headed to college and their dreams for the future. The commentary is personal, funny and heartwarming.

For incoming Pioneers, there's a bit of a crystal ball, a look at the outcomes Reserve students who came before them. Says Francisco Blanco '18 about moving on to Fordham University, "I'm going to study political science. I've always been interested in cities... I think it's because I miss them so much. I loved growing up in the city. In the city you sleep with the trucks, you sleep with the people screaming outside, it's almost like white noise... I'll study the problems with cities, racial problems, problems of equity."

We thank our most recent alumni for being part of this new series and wish them the very best in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned through the year for new episodes and topics, all which will be cataloged at WRA.net/admission.