WRA Dance Program presents "Four Letter Words" as filmed production

WRA Dance Program presents "Four Letter Words" as filmed production

On Saturday, April 10, the WRA Dance Program unveiled the Module 3 dance classes' final project, "Four Letter Words." That evening, the Knight Fine Arts Center theater played host to a private viewing where those in attendance could watch the filmed performance and applaud and cheer in real time. For those who couldn't attend, the recording is available here and is a must-see!

Congratulations are in order to the Module 3 dancers, whose hard work, time and talents are on full display in each of the 11 pieces. In total, there are 12 pieces, with a special nod to Vanessa Friedmann '21 for her exceptional, captivating and energetic piece, "More," which she directed, choreographed and edited.

"We applaud her and are very proud of her work," said Assistant Director of the WRA Dance Program Alexandria Anzaldi.

As the performance title suggests, each piece delves into a different four-lettered theme, such as Grit, Help, Time, Free, Hope and Love. It's a vivacious, moving and arresting show, enhanced by phenomenal lighting by Technical Theater Director Brandon Davies and a carefully curated soundtrack featuring artists such as John Mayer, Tom Walker, will.i.am and the company of The Prom: A New Musical.

Just like in our Across the Divide, Act II performance, what makes "Four Letter Words" a true standout is Director of the WRA Dance Program Katie Velbeck and Anzaldi's attention to the cinematography. They're thinking like filmmakers and choreographers, and it shows in the playful moments, like a seamless costume change mid-scene, and in the evolution of their camera perspectives -- like that overhead shot in "Time," where five dancers (Maggie Baker '23, Anna Eisaman '23, Daniel Li '22, Josie Spano '22 and Lauren Wiggam '22) lay on the stage, mimicking the movement of a clock.

The directors pushed themselves as hard as they pushed their dancers, and there were beautiful and intimate moments caught in the process. With the camera closeups, you can better see the dancers' acting as they dance, their expressions conveying profound emotion -- even with masks on. It's like you're on stage with them, and that's a special gift in itself for the viewer to feel like a part of the performance.

From start to finish, it's a wonderful show and a genuine pleasure to behold. Congratulations to the entire cast of "Four Letter Words." Bravo!