WRA celebrates the fall 2019 athletic season

WRA celebrates the fall 2019 athletic season

The fall athletic season punctuates the start of school, opening new opportunities to athletes of every grade and capability across nine fall interscholastic sports at Reserve. At Monday's Fall Athletic Awards, Director of Athletics and Afternoon Programs Herb Haller '85 led the community in a celebration of sport.

Haller recounted the lovable lore that exists alongside Reserve athletics. The path of accomplishment that takes an athlete up through various levels of accomplishment, as marked by a progression of symbols including Varsity letters, sports-specific pins, star pins and captain's sweater. He outlined the day's honors to be bestowed by the various coaches, including spirit awards, coaches awards, and most improved and most valuable athletes on each team.

"Reserve students, the athletic experience is an integral part of your overall experience at WRA - enriching in mind, body and spirit," said Haller. "Use the words of your coaches today to inspire yourself and your teammates moving forward."

Fittingly for sports, stats were front and center, including:

  • It was the 21st season in over 110 that the WRA football team has won six games in a season, finishing 6-3 with an impressive win over Linsly School, ranked 9th nationally among boarding school football teams.
  • WRA Golf had its 8th consecutive winning season.
  • It was the 44th time in 48 years of WRA field hockey that the team had a record of .500 or better.
  • Volleyball Coach Sherry Chlysta finds herself just over 20 wins short of reaching 200 wins during her 18 years as the varsity volleyball coach.
  • With 46 seasons, girls tennis is close to its 350th win.
  • Both Boys and Girls Soccer won Tri-County League Championships with the boys finishing 13-2-4 and the girls team finishing with an 8-5-2 record.
  • Senior soccer players Henry Ong and Megan Hovan will be playing in the Greater Akron Senior All-Star soccer games on Saturday, November 16, at Stow High School.
  • Jeff Warner was celebrated for his 34th season as the coach of WRA Girls Cross Country.

134 letter winners were named. 73 are first-time fall sports letter winners, 33 earned a second letter in a fall sport and 21 received a third letter. Seven students received a fourth letter in a fall sport, including Julia Clarke, Clara Fu, Megan Hovan, Roman LaBrosse, Olivia Robinson, Allison Weinzierl and Kimberly Winson.

All athletes, including the full list of winners, left the event with Reserve spirit and a sense of accomplishment. Many had bigger goals in mind, whether future wins, personal bests, college athletics or even the Gold Medal, Reserve's highest honor in sports. Are there athletes among today's students who will be added to the exclusive roster of 292 Gold Medal winners since the award was established during the 1950-51 school year? We can't wait to find out. Go Pioneers!