Winter Athletics Awards Celebrate the Stats and Spirit of Reserve Athletics

Winter Athletics Awards Celebrate the Stats and Spirit of Reserve Athletics

Not atypically, Ohio's winter weather season once again outstretched Reserve's winter sports season, but on a cold afternoon in Hudson on Monday, the WRA community gathered for a warm celebration of winter sports. Accomplishments, spirit and perseverance in sports including basketball, hockey, riflery, swimming, diving and wrestling were lauded to applause and pride filling the Chapel.

Director of Athletics and Afternoon Programs Herb Haller '85 thanked the constellation of individuals who comprise our sporting community, including faculty, coaches, parents, dining hall staff and outside staff. Haller included a special student shout out for their school spirit through the winter months saying, "The support you showed and the manner in which you cheered was awesome. Opposing coaches and athletic experiences would love to replicate this at their contests."

Some highlights included:

  • Boys Basketball MVP Dorde Otasevic '19 from Montenegro, who was noted for his positive presence not only on the court, but across campus
  • Ella Siegenthaler '20, a Girls Basketball player who won the Spirit Award for everything from pre-game locker room pep dances to an average of 2 three-pointers scored in games.
  • A boys hockey team that gave up vacations, breaks and weekends, including an all-time scoring winner for WRA Hockey, Nate Hopkins '19 and Tommy Wagner '19, named MVP, whose father also played hockey here for Coach Brand Closen
  • A riflery Coach's Award delivered to senior Judy Yin '19, who delivered the team's highest score in a competition, just 10 points off the national record.
  • A girls swimming MVP, senior Maggie Corl '19, who was aptly praised as an anchor on the team whose hard work propelled her to beat personal goals and dominate the 50-free at each meet, achieving a 57:47 in the 50-Freestyle
  • A boys swimming duo praised for their dynamism as competitive swimmers - Michael McKeithen '19, tying for 10th overall ever at WRA in the 100 Fly; and Will Downing '19 whose freestyle and breaststroke successes won him top three placements at every meet in every event, mostly with first place finishes
  • A determined diver, Joey Houska '20, who persevered throughout the season, despite an early season face brush with the diving board, and Senior Jack Sovich '19, who received a heartwarming tribute for his character and accomplishments
  • A wrestling team that for the first time in decades, sent six competitors to the National Prep Championships, led by junior Manzona Bryant '20 who finished the season with a 34-5 record, as a National Prep runner up, the recipient of Prep All American honors and a nationally recognized top collegiate recruit

A full list of Winter Athletic Award winners is available here. Congratulations to our amazing student athletes!