Updates from Inside The Wang Innovation Center

Updates from Inside The Wang Innovation Center

Now two years old, The Wang Innovation Center has become a bustling hub of creative activity and active learning for WRA students and faculty. On our Wang Center Blog, Chief Innovation Officer Matt Gerber keeps a faithful log, documenting students' and community members' experiments, discoveries and projects inside the best-in-class digital fabrication lab.

Over the 2017-18 school year, Cancer Immunology students constructed their own cardboard mazes for their lab mice. History Department faculty member Cullen Sacha brought his students into the space after teaching them the pivotal role the radio played in shaping mass communications. Inside the lab, students learned soldering and basic electronic components to make their very own radios. Students in the Digital Fabrication and Engineering class shaped Canadian maple into skateboards — and proudly showed off their decorated and personalized boards.

We look forward to another busy year inside the space and invite you to enjoy samples from the blog, below:

Wang Innovation Center Supports Lemonade Day by Helping Hudson 5th Graders

WRA's Morgan Leaders worked with over 50 students from Hudson schools to create store banners and t-shirts for Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day is a city-wide effort to cultivate student entrepreneurship.

Our Morgan Leaders helped with graphic design, printing and garment design, assisting more than 100 students and parents in the Wang Innovation Center on a Saturday morning.

Artificial Intelligence in the Wang Innovation Center

The Advanced Digital Fabrication course spent the past few days learning artificial intelligence and the Raspberry Pi. The students learned about API's (application programming interface) and artificial intelligence.

They used Google API's to create their own voice-controlled assistant that works with Google Assistant. Each group learned about harnessing the power of API's in their projects.

WRA Theater Using Wang Innovation Center CNC Router for Upcoming Spring Play

Tom West, Technical Theater Director, has been utilizing the ShopSabre CNC router in the Wang Innovation Center for the past few WRA plays and musicals. Mr. West is always looking for creative ways to efficiently build his sets to achieve maximum visual impact.

He is currently building a set for The Importance of Being Earnest and using CAD software to design the pattern and VCarve Pro to perform the CAM function. He then cut out his designed pattern on the ShopSabre CNC to act as a stencil.

The effect created the pattern on the wall for the set. Great job by Mr. West in use of the CNC router and the fantastic set design.