These are the Moments: newest WRA admission videos take a close look at the joyful elements of a Reserve experience

These are the Moments: newest WRA admission videos take a close look at the joyful elements of a Reserve experience

In the Fall of 2018, WRA began working with the talented and ambitious international filmmakers, The Film Guys, to create a video that would both appeal to a young audience and market the many positive and key differentiating aspects of a school like Reserve.

Robert Bahou and Alesi Enriquez, the team behind The Film Guys, assembled a cast and crew of students to assist them in creating a musical. After just two short weeks, the award-winning "Your Second Home" musical came to life.

Fast forward to the 2019-20 academic year and anticipation for a sequel to the first musical. WRA invited The Film Guys back to campus to stay for a month and create not only a second musical, but six additional admission videos.

These other shorter admission videos focus on key points for prospective families like the Wang Innovation Center, student life in the dorms, downtown Hudson, the dining hall and introducing new Head of School Suzanne Walker Buck (who has shared that the school's "Your Second Home" video was one of the major elements that attracted her to WRA).

The new musical, "Reserve Moments" and the six additional videos — dubbed as episodes of "The WRAp" (based on a late night talk show developed by Noah Frato-Sweeney '20 and Spenser Valentine '19) — will be released to prospective families over the admission season through a new admission newsletter.

The Film Guys credit the magic and authenticity of their videos to the many WRA students who dive into the projects — around the clock — making the videos feel less like marketing efforts and more like student storytelling.

And thanks to their willingness to teach budding filmmakers, Rob and Alesi uniquely empower students to take leading roles on these projects by welcoming students and asking them to help shape the narratives, write lyrics, stage the scenes and star in them, too.

Click here to watch a short video about the moments behind creating these videos.

And click here to watch the "Reserve Moments" musical and the latest episode of The WRAp — Campus Karaoke with Mrs. Buck.

We are so proud of the videos, but we could not have done them without the WRA students who poured their hearts into helping us create them. Stay tuned as more are released over the coming months.