Jimmy Moynahan Named WRA Head Football Coach

Jimmy Moynahan Named WRA Head Football Coach
HUDSON, OH, July 18, 2018 -- Director of Athletics & Afternoon Programs Herb Haller '85 has announced Jimmy Moynahan as the new Head Football Coach at Western Reserve Academy. Moynahan has been a member of the WRA community for the last three years, first working in the College Counseling Office, and now as a full-time Latin teacher in addition to his new head coaching position.

"Jimmy is a smart and passionate leader with a great football IQ," said Haller. "He also is an excellent team-builder and a very hard worker. Our athletes and parents respect him and are unanimously excited that he's taking the helm of this historic athletic program at Reserve."

WRA has always found value and purpose in requiring athletics in students' daily lives as a way to inspire friendships, discipline, physical fitness and perseverance.

"I am proud and excited to represent Western Reserve Academy as Head Football Coach," Moynahan said. "With this program being in existence for more than 100 years, we have a strong legacy to uphold and I feel honored to be the person to continue this tradition. Success on the field, and working hard every day after classes, builds discipline and school pride."

Moynahan started playing football in 4th grade and continued his passion for the game at Washington and Lee University where he studied the Classics and American History. From the time he began playing until today, Moynahan believes in the positive impact of football on all members of a team.

"With football, you're playing with 11 guys, and success is dependent on everyone around you," he said.

After being a member of the football community at WRA for three years, Moynahan is confident in the team's program. He is committed not only to maintaining the effective environment, but also to "instilling a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of the game while growing our roster."

With Moynahan's experience at WRA on the field, in the dorms and in the College Counseling Office, he has gained respect from the campus community, understands the students, and knows what it takes to establish a successful football season for his team.

Moynahan grew up with his family in Sandwich, Massachusetts and went to Boston College High School. He is currently residing in Hobart House on campus at WRA where he is also Dorm Head.

Conversation with Coach Moynahan

Favorite NFL team? Patriots

Favorite college team? Stanford because my brother coaches there.

Favorite current player? James Develin, Patriots

Favorite player of all time? Jim Leonhard

Who/what introduced you to football? My father and my older brother Patrick. We would play in the backyard when I was young, and in 4th grade, I was allowed to play Pop Warner youth football.

The biggest issue facing football? Concussions. Football faces an image problem today as more and more people see it as a violent game. Concussions are a real issue in the NFL due to players' size, strength, and speed. At the high school level where players are smaller and slower than their NFL counterparts, concussions are more of an education and training issue. When high school football players play the game with correct technique, injury rates rapidly decline.

Best advice you ever got as a player? Stay low and keep your feet moving.

What do you do to motivate players? Before games, I will go up to players individually while they stretch and encourage them. I am a big believer that the closer a team is, the stronger the motivation will be; teammates motivate each other to perform their best and to not let each other down. Before a game or after a practice, my message will try to call attention to this belief.

Your goal for WRA football in 2018? For the players to understand their responsibility to be good ambassadors of the program and the school, enjoy their experience, feel as though they have a solid understanding of the game, and reach their potential as individual players and as a team.