Hunter Amos '21 and Rocco Prolizo '21 elected as Student Body Co-Presidents

Hunter Amos '21 and Rocco Prolizo '21 elected as Student Body Co-Presidents

Each year, Student Body Co-Presidents are elected by their peers through a secret ballot. But this spring, by the time the election came around, students were already off campus and participating in distance learning. Luckily, this didn't stop our students' campaigns and election.

Aspiring student-leaders participated in a Q&A Zoom call with Dean of Student Life Wendy Skinner and Associate Dean of Student Life Emily Barth. This year, 10 hopeful juniors participated and shared their promises and platforms as candidates for Student Body Co-Presidents next year. During this time of distance learning, it's comforting to see our leadership opportunities and traditions live on.

The Q&A was posted to the senior class Canvas page and then voting followed. Students chose Hunter Amos of Raleigh, North Carolina and Rocco Prolizo of Strongsville, Ohio to serve together for the 2020-2021 academic year.

We asked Hunter and Rocco a few questions about what it was like to run for the jobs and what the WRA community can expect from the presidential duo next year.


For those who don't know you, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hunter: I transferred here as a new sophomore boarder. At Reserve, I'm involved in tennis, diving, and track and field. Aside from sports, I'm super passionate about our clubs/organizations and I'm an officer of service leaders, president of the Black Student Union, and a Chief Ambassador for the Admission Office. I'm really interested in the medical field, STEM and business.

Rocco: I have been fortunate to live in Texas, Virginia and even Germany. I play hockey and lacrosse and participate in Model United Nations. I want to go to the Naval Academy and fly planes or be an engineer of some sort. I've been a day student, but next year I'll be a boarder.

What are the requirements and duties of the co-presidents?

Hunter: I think the requirement of being a co-president is simply to be a role model who is open to change. A role model isn't perfect, but they listen to others, give positive energy in the spaces they are in and spearhead change that tailors to the interests of the students.

What made you run for the job?

Hunter: The bottom line is that I love two things: making people happy and getting stuff done. I knew that running for the position would give me an opportunity to ramp up the positives at Reserve and implement meaningful changes. I want to make up for the lost time by implementing students' voices directly into their experience. Not going to lie, though, I'll credit my friends for giving me the final push!

Rocco: I chose to run for the job because I love Reserve. I really care about the community around me, and I think that I am going to be a really good voice for all students.

What was your platform?

Hunter: As president, I will push to reinvest student complaints and compliments back into the events we plan, and I want to use meaningful incentives to excite my peers to participate in more events! In addition, this includes providing spaces where students feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Rocco: I hope to find a way to make students want to go to more Reserve events together by making them more enticing which will really bring the community together.

How do you think this job will help shape the experience you have as a senior?

Rocco: I think this job will be a really big part of my senior year. I am looking forward to hearing ideas from new people I have not interacted with much before and from friends I have had the past couple of years.

What are you looking forward to the most as co-president?

Hunter: The chairs at Morning Meeting. Can I say that?

Rocco: I think right now I look forward mostly to my first Morning Meeting just because I think that will be a really cool experience. However, in the long-term, I am excited to hopefully leave a positive impact on the school that classes after my own will see.

Do you aspire to run for public office in the future?

Hunter: Maybe. I will always believe advocacy is important, but in the real world, I think the same spirit can be communicated through more mediums than public office. You probably won't see me in the polls, but I'll be doing something somewhere!

Rocco: Public office is not currently in my plans for the future, but I am totally open to the idea if that is the way my life leads me.


We're inspired by our new student-leaders! Congrats to Hunter and Rocco!