A Morning Meeting dedicated to the celebration of service

A Morning Meeting dedicated to the celebration of service

On Friday, September 25, 2020 Head of School Suzanne Walker Buck welcomed the entire WRA community to an outdoor Morning Meeting held in celebration of service.

"It is a joy to be together in this special Morning Meeting," shared Buck. "We are gathered today in celebration of service. It's a celebration of the contributions of numerous individuals and a collective workforce all committed to supporting the existence of WRA, and in particular, the experience of students...Your seats have been designed by our Student Service Leaders in this particular formation to spell the word "thanks" as we honor the individuals here today. Thank you to everyone for joining us as we (literally) sit together in thanks for the amazing employees who fortify WRA."

Before Buck turned the meeting over to the Student Service Leaders she shared plans for a new tradition.

"I hope today will be the start of a new tradition for celebrating service milestones and acknowledging the five year increments of completion. We extend gratitude and applaud the numerous employees who are concluding a milestone year within their tenure at WRA."

Twenty six employees were commended.

Five years of service:
Katie Velbeck
Rose Vardell
Caitlin Fritz
Suzanne Evans
Amy Donnelly
John Gordon
Khalid Madhi

Ten years of service:
Lou Keller
Sasha Maseelall
Emily Barth
Emily Thews-Baldridge
Beth Pethel

Fifteen years of service:
Tom Germain
Don Englehart
Betsy Barry

Twenty years of service:
Terry Smith
Keith Fath
Herb Haller
Donalee Ong
Russell Morrison
Holly McDonough
Patty Campbell

Twenty Five years of service:
Lois howell
Holly Bunt
Ralf Borrmann

Thirty five years of service:
Sarah Horgan

Student Service Leaders Delia R. '21, Jake P. '22, Annie C. '22, Jeffrey K. '23 and Landon A. '23 each spoke and shared their collective thanks to the maintenance, cleaning, security, dining hall and health center teams, and the faculty and staff for the continued devotion and care they offer to all of the students.

Delia R. '21 spoke about what it was like to be away from Reserve when the 2019-2020 Academic Year moved to a distance learning model.

"It was devastating to leave school in March," said Delia. "I missed my 'second home' and if it weren't for everyone's care and concern over the spring and summer months we wouldn't be back here now. Words cannot describe how thankful we all are to be back together as one community."

Annie C. '22 shared how much the employees inspire her.

"Your commitment to our school is inspiring. I am always greeted by a smile. If it wasn't for your continued devotion our student body couldn't enjoy our amazing facilities and feel fully embraced in comfort and care during all of our experiences...You open your homes to us, you educate us, you open our eyes to different perspectives and you treat us like family."

The students continued to share words of thanks and love for being able to enjoy the full Reserve experience thanks to all of the staff.

Buck took to the podium for brief closing remarks.

"Thank you service leaders, employees, and students all for being here today and being part of an ecosystem and culture of positivity. As someone who earned a degree in anthropology I leave you today with a quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead."

Student Body Co-President Rocco P. '21 shared the quote.

"'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'"

The event ended with final thanks from Student Body Co-President Hunter A. '21 and The Academy Choir singing a creative rendition of Charlie Puth's popular and fitting song, "One Call Away." It also included a standing ovation from all in attendance and donuts for everyone!