WRA laughs and cheers for "Urinetown"

WRA laughs and cheers for "Urinetown"

The premise of "Urinetown" is enough to intrigue most audiences, but the real pull to this year's fall musical was the outstanding and hilarious performance onstage and the incredible hard work behind the scenes.

See the "Urinetown" program for a full cast, production staff, tech crew and orchestra list.

After a 20-year drought all but eliminates private toilets, a megacorporation called "Urine Good Company" (UGC) gains control of all public restrooms and charges a steep fee to use the amenities. Strict laws are put into place to enforce the rules, and if you break the rules, you're banished to Urinetown.

Despite its somewhat off-putting name, each performance of "Urinetown" brought in a packed audience who met each musical number with applause and cheers.

On the Monday following the weekend's performances, Fine & Performing Arts Department faculty and musical Director Midge Karam thanked the community for supporting the cast. She gave special attention to the less-visible contributors, including the crew who helped create the dynamic set and thanked them for all of their work done behind-the-scenes to create a smooth show. She also gave special attention to two additional student-participants — the musicians in the pit. Will Downing '19, who "rocked the bass," and Peter Campanelli '17 were applauded for their musical contributions. It was Campanelli's fourth year participating as a percussionist, and Karam announced that a special plaque will be installed in the music pit, dubbing his seat the "Peter 'Vibes' Campanelli Percussion Seat."

Congratulations to the cast, crew and student-musicians, who all worked hard to create a truly outstanding show.

Please enjoy a selection of photos of the performance in the slideshow below.