Lux et Veritas: WRA's Strategic Plan

Our future is well underway

"WRA exists to mold young people into the very best versions of themselves; coach them into finding their voices; create magic; and spread love, joy and generosity,"

- WRA Faculty Member

With our Strategic Plan in place, our leaders invested, and our community poised for progress, Western Reserve Academy's future is well underway. Join us as we embrace tradition, harness innovation and consider every possibility. Together we’ll guide WRA forward, beyond limits, toward our third century and beyond.

Our Strategic Plan involves the voices and input of our faculty, parents, students and alumni community. It is responsive to what parents and students want; prioritizes tradition, not traditionalism; focuses on the Western Reserve Academy value proposition; leverages our strengths, resources and upcoming Bicentennial in 2026; and more.

For questions and opportunities to share your voice in this process, contact Director of Communications & Marketing Meg Colafella at


As we consider the future, it’s our history, our traditions and, most critically, our core values that define our path forward. Intellectual curiosity and tenacity. Transformational growth and wellbeing. Belonging, respect and empathy. Citizenship and regional and global engagement. Staying true to these guiding principles, we’re able to focus our energies on finding successes authentic to who we were, are and will be.

OUR BEACONS, 2021-2026

Immersive Community & Supportive Relationships

By focusing on an Immersive Community & Supportive Relationships, we plan to...

  • Magnify the unique advantages of our residential learning community
  • Partner with renowned regional resources and alumni
  • Prioritize wellness and safety
  • Create a sense of belonging for every individual

Distinctive Experiences & Compelling Outcomes

Distinctive Experiences & Compelling Outcomes, we will...

  • Cultivate life skills and prepare for the future
  • Maximize college and career opportunities
  • Create joyful experiences
  • Engage as a global community

Personalized Pathways & Exceptional Programs

Personalized Pathways & Exceptional Programs help us...

  • Invest in signature programs
  • Embrace academic innovation, creativity and relevancy
  • Ignite passions and support customized student pursuits

Financial Strength & Resource Optimization

Attention to
Financial Strength & Resource Optimization will allow us to...

  • Celebrate the Bicentennial
  • Fortify enrollment
  • Expand philanthropy and harness assets
  • Generate alternative revenue

Implementing Our Strategy

To enact a joyful, sustainable future, we’re prioritizing and launching initiatives that we will develop over the course of five years.

Early action and priorities include:

    • Leveraging regional resources in service of the academic program
    • Identifying and celebrating key moves around diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Developing signature athletic programs
    • Establishing the foundation for a capital campaign tied to WRA’s upcoming Bicentennial

Shaping Success

At WRA, we are—and always will be—students of an ever-changing world. Eager to evaluate, modify, challenge, understand and accomplish in ways we can only imagine. We look forward to the work ahead and relish this opportunity to guide WRA forward, through another century of success.