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What is it like to attend WRA? What makes it different than other schools? No one knows better than the students themselves. In WRA Voices, Ajay '16, Caitlin '16, Kyle '16, Anna '15, Niraj '16, Joey '15, Jessica '15, Cat '15, Sophie '15 and Cristen '16 share their perspectives on anything and everything WRA. Read on!

Weekends at Reserve

More than just delicious burritos!

During the demanding weeks at Reserve as we suffocate under heaps of homework and the stress amplifies, the weekend serves as the bright light at the end of the tunnel. From 5:45 p.m. on Friday, after sports practice ends, until 11 p.m. on Saturday, Reserve students are liberated from the classroom and can enjoy as they please. These two days serve as a refuge from the deadlines, tests and all the burdens of school life. We do not have to worry about completing homework and can spend this precious times with friends.

Some of my most favorite WRA memories have come from the long hours spent in glorious Hudson. This routine always starts on Saturday at noon. After coming out of ECHO, my friends and I eagerly wait for each other, anxious for our adventure into the depths of downtown Hudson.

Our first stop is Chipotle, a common sanctuary for Reserve students. While eating our delicious concoction, we sit and talk about various affairs, laughing and truly enjoying the moment. These moments are fascinating because we can spend hours talking without running out of things to say, making the whole moment even greater. After three hours at Chipotle and polite requests from the staffers to leave, we take our adventure to another establishment, Cold Stone Creamery.

As a post-lunch confection, ice cream has the ability to provide our stomachs with sweet pleasure as well as serve as means for more laughter and enjoyment among friends. Our conversation perfectly picks up right where it left off and before we know he have spent another 2 hours eating ice cream. Then we migrate to the open fields, right in the center of downtown, to just sit in the grass and enjoy our time with each other. Before we know it, the sun has fallen and it is 6 p.m. We make the trek back to campus and have the option to spend time in the Green Key or participate in any of the weekend activities (movie runs, bowling trips, sports competitions, etc...).

Almost at the end of my junior year, I think these weekend excursions have made my WRA experience much better. This time has allowed to develop close friendships as well as create memories I will happily look back on. I think this aspect of Reserve, the freedom to spend time wherever you like, makes it a special, warm place for all.

Posted by Ajay Dakappagari in WRA Student Life on Thursday March 12 at 04:16PM
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Food Tour: Part II


Hi all! Welcome to my next food tour post! This time, I will take you to the following amazing places:

Flip Side:

Basic information: Flip Side is owned by the same owner of Three Palms. Therefore, the environment is similar and the food is just as amazing! There is always a long line on weekends so it would be better to go during the week. The burgers and milkshakes are constantly rated the best in the Hudson area.


  • Any burgers they have! My personal favorite is the ‘Say Cheese’ burger. It is just a simple cheeseburger yet the meat is awesome quality-fresh and juicy. I can always finish the entire burger on my own with a milkshake!
  • Chef’s shake! It is my favorite milkshake on their menu and you will know why after I tell you what flavor it is. Peanut butter and pretzel! That’s right! It sounds amazing already doesn’t it? It tastes more like ice cream than milkshake due to the smooth texture and you can taste the real ingredients those shake makers put in :).
  • Corn dogs! THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! Since I eat so much, a burger and a milkshake do not get me full enough, so corn dogs do the job! With a crispy outside and juicy hot dog inside, they are beyond amazing. They are always served fresh.


The wait can go up to half an hour or longer so make sure you go there early! The waiters and waitresses aren’t always fast since there are too many customers.

Noble House:

Basic information: I am from China and therefore, I crave Chinese food from time to time. My Asian soul would be knocking on my stomach to remind me that it’s time to inject some Chinese food, and Noble House is always my top choice. As someone who lived in China up till she was 16 years old, Noble House is one of the most authentic Chinese food restaurants I have ever been to. It even outraces some Chinese food restaurants in big cities like New York and Los Angeles.


  • Eggplant Yu Shang! This is the one thing that I get every single time when I go because it is one of my favorite dishes in China. It is almost identical to the ones I can get at restaurants back in Shanghai. Eggplant is cooked with diced meat in soy sauce and it really is the best!
  • Shrimp with Eggs! Yes! Noble house has its hidden menu and this is one dish that you cannot find on their official menu. However, it is too good to be left out. Take a bite and it can take me to Hong Kong where this dish is originated!

It is relatively pricey compared to other restaurants. It will cost two people around $40 for dinner. However, the environment is very nice and it’s definitely worth a shot! You can also order delivery on campus if you don’t feel like walking all the way downtown.

Posted by kkrolikowski in WRA Student Life on Tuesday March 10 at 10:59AM
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Friday Nights in Long House

Who doesn't enjoy a classic game night?

One of my favorite parts of the week are Friday nights. Not because of the weekly TGIF party in the Green Key or my lack of homework, but because of what happens after we settle into the dorm for the night. Friday Nights, Mr. Yankay is on duty, and Mr. Yankay loves to play board games. The first time I saw him playing, I asked, “So, who’s winning?” Without missing a beat Mr. Yankay replied, “Oh, I’m always winning.” From Settlers of Catan to Texas Hold ‘Em to Werewolf, his duty nights are always so much fun and can get quite competitive.

We try to round up as many kids as we can in the dorm so the games will be entertaining. The numbers always vary but when we get a good turnout, you can be sure that it’s going to be a fun night! I remember when we played Texas Hold ‘Em, the atmosphere was so tense. No one is saying much but we all watch each other like hawks waiting for a tell or a sign that pushes the game in our favor. Mr. Yankay is an insanely good poker player so playing against him had me on the rocks. I held out as long, betting as safely and conservatively as I could, but one by one, my dormmates and I fell to his tactics. Mr. Yankay wasn’t lying when he said he always wins.

Friday nights always end the same way. We will be playing in the common room, yelling at each other about the smallest details of the game when we look at the clock. It’s almost 1:00 AM. We have class in the morning. We all laugh and call it a night. Mr. Yankay packs up his bags and heads out the door and before I know it, I am lying in bed wide awake still thinking about the game, waiting for next week when I just might be able to win.

Posted by Niraj Hemant Naik in WRA Student Life on Tuesday March 3
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Chipotle? No, WRApotle!

WRApotle is a huge hit on campus!

In recent times, food at Reserve has been a highly discussed topic. More often than not, the food has been criticized for its lack of freshness, originality and overall taste. However, in the past few months, the dining services at Reserve have improved mightily. Thanks to a seemingly greater effort to provide not only better tasting food but a better variety of food offerings, Reserve’s new attitude toward its food has been received with praise.

Specifically, the addition of the “action” station at the south end of the dining hall has created a strong affinity for the food from the students. The “action” station is offered during lunch meals and typically serves a healthy and alternative option for students to eat. The best part about the “action” station is that the food is made right in front of you and you are able to customize your meal by choosing from the ingredients offered. Favorites at the action station have been “WRApotle” burritos and pasta bolognese. However, there seems to be one drawback to the “action” station: the line is almost always unbearably long, but that is only because it has become exponentially more popular since its debut.

In addition to the “action” station, other aspects of Reserve food, such as the main course offering and exhibition station, have also seen upgrades. Furthermore, at almost every dinner there is a pasta bar available to students. And, of course, there is always cereal and PB&J for those students who just want a quick and easy bite.

Recent betterments have also transpired at the WRA breakfast scene. Besides the daily offering of eggs, hash browns and pancakes/french toast, there is now a made-to-order omelette and smoothie station option that is available one to two times a week. These options let you pick and choose your own ingredients for a fresh smoothie or omelette. Improvements like these should help draw more students to breakfast, which, after all, is the most important meal of the day!

Finally, the dining hall staff has gone out of their way to make the dining experience at WRA more student friendly. Recently, an Ellsworth dining hall twitter page (@FLIKISD_WRA) has popped up that gives students updates on what will be served in the dining hall on any given day.

The recent enhancements to the food experience at WRA have been embraced and much appreciated by the entire WRA community and have made life at WRA all that much more enjoyable.

Posted by Kyle Fish Buseck in WRA Student Life on Friday February 27 at 01:48PM
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Bicknell Bonanza

Students take a break at BB!

From the Chapel bells, to Morning Meeting, to seated meals, WRA is steeped in tradition. If we had a single defining word I am confident that it would be tradition. We are all so proud to be a part of the long-standing history of Reserve, be that in serious and formal traditions or just some annual lighthearted fun. While I know we all love our Chapel pews and blazers, this past Wednesday was one of the more fun and exciting traditions here at WRA, Bicknell Bonanza.

Many of us thought we left behind our jumpy-house fun at perhaps a 10th birthday party, but once a year Reserve brings back this wonderful memento from childhood. For one night a year, the MAC, our athletics building, is filled with blow up slides, jumpy houses, races, food, music and tons of fun. Whether you like racing against your friends or just dancing the night away, there really is a way for everyone to have a good time. It’s a great stress reliever and event to look forward to, plus it comes with the added bonus of a mandated no homework night! The three-hour event is capped off with a big raffle that every student is entered in, and many smiles.

It may not seem like a big deal, but traditions like Bicknell Bonanza are the best ones in my opinion. They are events of pure fun that we can look forward to every year. Even more so, they are ways to break up the monotony and stress of our school life. Every once in a while, we all need to just take a step back and revert to our childhoods, and Bicknell Bonanza is the perfect venue for this.

Posted by Anna Karen Ballard in WRA Student Life on Thursday February 26 at 02:34PM
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Unexpected Encouragement

Proud to be a book worm!

As I waited for some type of inspiration before writing my English paper on The Sound and Fury, I came across a very apt article on the procrastinator’s best friend website, BuzzFeed: “16 Incredibly Terrible Synopses of Classic Books.” Some of the books appealed to the masses (Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games), but as I read, the number of scholarly books I recognized struck me. I had read 11 of the 16 books. Although I consider myself a somewhat avid reader, I felt pride in my school.

At some point, you start to think is all this work worth it? The papers, the late night reading, the tests. Although larger validation in the form of an award or grade can be nice, it is infrequent or relatively intangible. Then, something small like this comes along that makes me smile all day.

One of the approaches that sets Reserve’s English classes apart is our discussion-based examinations of texts. As a freshman, teachers expect you to read around 20 pages per night and have a plot-based understanding of the text, and as you mature they continue to expect more from you. If you observe a senior English class, you will find usually students run the discussion instead of the teacher. The teacher will ask a guiding question and then allow the students to bring up what they believe is most significant. This approach enables students to have a more personal connection with the novel and appreciate it because of their relationship with it.

The most impressive talent my teachers have is the ability to make me care about what I’m learning instead of just getting the “right” answer. Especially in subjective classes like English, a novel only has the meaning we apply to it, shifting from person to person.

Although I do occasional reach a point where I just have to write an essay to turn it in on time, I try to avoid this because it can ruin a book you love. School can sometimes seem to be nothing but stress. However, every once in a while I find little moments to take a step back and realize what a great opportunity I have had these past four years.

Posted by Jessica Lynn Babbin in WRA Academics, WRA Student Life on Thursday February 19 at 04:59PM
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My WRA Experience

Cristen's favorite quote!

"When we make a change, it’s so easy to interpret our unsettledness as unhappiness, and our unhappiness as the result of having made the wrong decision. Our mental and emotional states fluctuate madly when we make big changes in our lives, and some days we could tight-rope across Manhattan, and other days we are too weary to clean our teeth. This is normal. This is natural. This is change."

-Jeanette Winterson

Entering high school, I was fully confident and ready to take on Western Reserve Academy—what I thought it was at least. Within my first semester, I became extremely stressed out; the balance of a heavy workload, athletics and a social life were weighing down on me. Coming from a small middle school, where my entire grade was comprised of 42 people, I wasn’t used to seeing so many new faces in a day and it was becoming overwhelming.

By the end of the first semester I was starting to question whether or not WRA was the right place for me, and I was going to transfer schools. After some consideration, I realized that I was completely wrong. I realized that I had a problem with change and what it brought to my life at that time.

Starting my second semester at Reserve freshman year, I tried very hard to change my outlook on WRA and by May of 2013 I was in love with high school. Every day I looked forward to coming to school and meeting new people. It was necessary for me to take a step back and get some perspective.

When I was an oblivious freshman, I needed to understand that change is constantly happening and is crucial to move forward with life. I wasn’t comfortable with change happening so quickly, but Reserve has made me appreciate change.

Now, as I’m close to the end of my junior year, I can’t imagine myself at any other high school. The opportunities that are open to me and my peers every day here at Reserve are extremely rare and amazing. I’m confident that I will always keep the relationships I’ve made here, and Reserve will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Posted by Cristen Cathleen Barnett on Tuesday February 17
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For the Love of the Game

Bill Chan ‘14 being introduced on Senior Night last year.

As the winter sports season comes to a close, seniors of these sports say farewell to their high school careers on the range, mat, court or in the pool. Senior Night is both exciting and emotional for those who have to say goodbye to their sport forever. A few athletes will get the opportunity to play their sports in college, but for most people Senior Night is their last big game.  I’ve been thinking about my Senior Night for basketball a lot recently as college decisions and the end of the season quickly approach. Even though I can’t wait for baseball in the spring, I don’t want basketball to come to an end so soon. Playing four years of a sport forms amazing bonds between teammates who have been through the same ups and downs as you. I have many teammates like that, including my twin brother, Patrick. However, I can’t continue those other relationships like I can with Patrick. Senior Night will be a special game for the boys basketball team since we have seven seniors on the team. This will be the last big, home basketball game that five of our seven seniors will ever play in. Peter Barba will play next year at Columbia University and John Roberts IV will play collegiate basketball as well. The rest of us have a very short period of time left.

People in every sport face this same situation, but now it is finally becoming a reality for me and some of my teammates. Everything must come to an end at some point. I just wish it wasn’t already time for my basketball career to be over.
Posted by Joseph Anthony Mylott on Thursday February 12
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Food Tour: Part I

Food is the way to Sophie's soul!

I eat constantly; I love to explore new restaurants and try new cuisines. After four years being in Hudson, I have been to the majority of the restaurants downtown and would like to share my experience with everyone who loves food as much as I do.

Rosewood Grill:

Basic Information: It is a restaurant that is located eight minutes from campus by walking distance. They serve delicious food and the service is spectacular! The atmosphere is perfect for a date night or a small birthday celebration.


  • Steak! They have one of the best steaks I have ever had, and I can say it beats some Michelin-starred restaurants. As for sides, the Szechuan green beans and mashed potatoes coordinate well with the flavor of the steak. The portion is big enough to feed anyone and I could not stop eating until I felt like my stomach was going to explode.
  • Crispy Calamari! The restaurant makes sure that they use fresh calamari so the texture is chewy but you can taste the freshness. Unlike calamari at other restaurants, Rosewood actually serves you with calamari but not banana peppers. The sauce also stimulates the flavor of crispness and I never put my fork down until the plate was empty.

Disadvantage: The location is not the best since it is far away from the downtown area but the food is definitely worth the walk. It could be pricey sometimes, based on what you order. Also, they don’t take reservations and the wait can be a pain sometimes.

Three Palms:

Basic Information: I came here for the first time with my roommate and fell in love with what she ordered. The atmosphere is cool and they have a patio for summer where you can see the downtown area with little kids running around on the grass. I can personally finish an entire pizza, and my record was even one and a half, which explains how good their pizzas are.


  • Bianco and Verde Pizza! This is the pizza my roommate ordered and I fell in love with. I am a meat lover and she is a vegetarian yet this pizza completely won me over. With fresh cut tomatoes added on it, the pizza is healthy and yummy. The sauce is what makes it amazing and you really have to try it to understand what I mean.
  • Rapini! For a meat lover who enjoys sausage, Rapini is my second choice (yes, Bianco and Verde will always be my first choice). Since the pizza crust is thin, you can truly enjoy the toppings. For people who don’t eat as much as I do, one pizza could be shared by two people.
  • Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie! Looking at this recommendation you may wonder, “Ewww!! Bacon?? Bacon in Chocolate Chip Cookie?? Are you serious?” Yes! I am serious and the cookie is indeed very good! If you have watched the show Modern Family, you would know that adding salt to chocolate milk lifts the flavor up. And here, the bacon does the same thing. The extra chewiness and the salty flavor make the cookie more special and enjoyable. Thank you Mrs. Mogel for the suggestion! 


Posted by YiHan Shen in WRA Student Life on Tuesday February 3 at 04:04PM
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WRA Business Club Takes Trip to Penn State

 Takin' care of business!

On the first day back from Thanksgiving break the WRA Business Club had the awesome opportunity to spend an entire day at Penn State University learning about numerous aspects of the business world. After a two-hour bus ride the six students, including myself and our faculty advisor Mr. Gerber, enjoyed a day full of meetings and activities with both Penn State students and professors. The day included activities that ranged from presentations about the local area’s economic growth to a lesson on how strategies from the board game Monopoly can be applied to the real world. Later, we even got to sit in on and participate in a college class. The day wrapped up with a meeting with the director of Penn State’s School of Business, Dr. Rajagopalan.

Currently, the WRA Business Club is participating in a virtual stock market simulation challenge which was donated to WRA by Penn State. In this simulation students are able to manage and trade their own virtual stock portfolio. With that said, we were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with some of Penn State’s top business students who manage the school’s real money stock portfolio. Meeting with these students was my favorite part of the day because they showed us the process they use to decide what stocks to trade and invest in. Overall, it was a great day filled with fun and learning. I think these lessons will be helpful in other aspects of the WRA Business Club’s activities – as well as in the real world.

Experiences like this are a great example of the amazing extracurricular activities WRA has to offer. Clubs and organizations at WRA (which number well over 40+) are more than just a once a month get together; they are active and enjoyable events that bring our students together and let us interact with people outside of the WRA community. Nearly every week a club is hosting a charity drive, taking volunteers to a local event, sponsoring a mixer, or taking a trip similar to the Business Club’s. The club advisors are really what make our engaging clubs a reality. Without the help and support of Mr. Gerber, our Business Club advisor, our trip to Penn State would never have been possible.

Posted by Kyle Fish Buseck in WRA Clubs & Organizations, WRA Academics, WRA Student Life on Tuesday January 27 at 04:23PM
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