ECHO Module Catalog 2012-2013
Posted 05/11/2012 12:32PM

WRA's Saturday Academy ECHO modules are designed to extend, enrich and support student learning in a way that would not be possible in the Monday through Friday schedule. Modules will meet for two-and-a­-half hours on six Saturday mornings in the fall, winter and spring trimesters (aligned with WRA's athletic seasons). Students will enroll in at least two modules per year.

ECHO modules are academic in nature: they present clear learning objectives that echo the spirit of our Monday through Friday program. The modules provide students with the opportunity to discover a new academic passion or to pursue an area of academic aptitude in depth.

The school will list students' ECHO modules on their official transcripts, with a grade of Honors, Pass or Fail. Modules will require approximateiy one hour of preparation before each class meeting. Moreover, on Saturdays teachers will expect conscientious attendance, earnest effort and productive participation.

As you will see in reading through this catalog, the offerings are diverse, reflecting the broad interests and expertise of the WRA faculty. We hope that the modules enable students to experience intensive, extended, innovative and interdisciplinary opportunities for learning.

Students should rank their top l5 choices -- including five from each trimester -- from among the many offerings. (Students will be enrolled in their top available modules for two trimesters; moreover, we will take students’ athletic commitments into account when determining which trimester to leave open.) Only a few offerings have prerequisites. All ECHO modules share the purpose of enhancing the transformational experience of a WRA education.

We hope you enjoy reading through this catalog and engaging in the first year of this exciting new program.

ECHO Module Catalog 2012-13