Order Cupcakes, Cookie Cake or a Cake to be Delivered on Campus
Posted 09/20/2016 08:40AM

It's your child's birthday and your child is a day student; you are thinking that since they are going to be having cake with the family at home you don't need to order cupcakes or a cookie cake through PWA. Or perhaps, your child is a boarder, he or she is a senior, and you are wondering if you should order them a birthday treat? After all, they are turning 18, are they too old?

It's true, you don't need to order birthday treats to be delivered through the Campus Store, but it does make the day more special even for the kids that are too cool for sentimental stuff. After all, who isn't a bit more popular when walking across campus with something sugary and celebratory looking? It provides a great opportunity to engage with the people they know and the ones they would like to get to know better...it's not too late.

If cupcakes are too conspicuous, consider a cookie cake. The week before your child's birthday, sign in to the parent portal, under Forms, Folders & Links tab you'll see Forms-General green bar and Cakes & Cookie Ordering, click it and you will see all of your options. It won't take you long to become a pro at finding opportunities to send cakes, cupcakes and/or a cookie cake to your children when they least expect it.

As you'll see, the options are endless and it is not limited to birthdays, you can use the form for ordering sweet treats for team feeds, dorm celebrations, etc. The PWA team of Melinda Kerins at kerinsfamily@gmail.com and Sarah Brewer at sarahmbrewer70@yahoo.com are eager to work with you so feel free to email them with your ideas or ask them for some of their ideas.


By Ellen Smidlein (John '19)